Trip down memory lane at Mani Bhavan

This is my new series wherein I want to talk about few places in Mumbai very close to my heart. Being a local, I thought of giving my take on my city. You could be from Mumbai or not from Mumbai, I am sure you will enjoy this series.

Once you are at Gamdevi area in Grant Road, and you enter this quiet little lane called Lamburnum Road. Tucked between old residential buildings, you will notice Mani Bhavan. This place has witnessed Gandhiji living there are making some of his important political decisions for India’s freedom and its people. The gate of Mani Bhavan has a charkha.

There are old oak and banyan trees that have been witness to the historical moments of Gandhiji. This bunglow, which was originally owned by¬†Revashankar Jagjeevan Jhaveri, who was also Gandhiji’s dear friend, would often host Gandhiji in Mumbai. The bunglow was gifted to Gandhiji for freedom work. Post Gandhiji’s life, this bunglow has become a memorabilia of Gandhiji’s life and work at Mani Bhavan.

A tour to Mani Bhavan retold the stories from my history text book that I had read as a child.

Virtual tour:

Entrance of Mani Bhavan

Big manequin


Library with books which were actually held and read by Gandhiji during his stay. Isn’t that a rare sight!

Photos of Gandhiji

His room where he spun cotton on charkha and wrote and thought

My friends getting all curios about the Indian history

In the balcony where he would have stood thinking!




Things to do in monsoon

Monsoon! Beautiful wheather, cool breeze, droplets on face, jump in poodle, hot chai with pakoda, cozy blanket, intriguing book to read and endless lazing time. Some of the emotions that surfaces at the instant when we think of monsoon. Its by far the best season for me, untill its Monday and I have to go to work. lol.

So with weekends coming up, lets do a round up of things to do in monsoon:

1. Long drive

Long drives are essential in monsoon. When it showers, I like to take an early morning drive to Marine Drive. Its one of the most beautiful place in Mumbai. And what better when it rains. My mind and heart gets filled with multiple emotions and thoughts. Sometimes artistic, romantic, thoughful, deep, blank. And marine drive is just a place to be!

2. Take short vacation but in multiple doses

Take a short weekend trip to nearby places and stay put with your friend/ family or just yourself. I like to take a stay at Bohemiyan Blue, located in Alibaug. Its a quick short ride of 3-4 hours and you are in mini vacation heaven. Lounge at the cafe and eat yummy hummus platter and sip on cocktail while lazing on hammock. Its a good place to bring in your boho vibe and get some guitar if you are into it. Or like me, just carry some books and comfort clothes for read and sleep marathon.

3. Pick a new/ old hobby

I find monsoon very rhythmic in nature. It helps me pick something new or old. Hobbies for me comes as season. So when i am pursuing a hobby, I’ll keep doing it. And then after a point find something new. Rain brings the freshness in air and mind to completely start something new or pick something already tried that I love. This one time I picked up craft work. This season I am into sewing. You might get poetic and feel an itch to scribble.

Stare game with the trees in the woods