Trip down memory lane at Mani Bhavan

This is my new series wherein I want to talk about few places in Mumbai very close to my heart. Being a local, I thought of giving my take on my city. You could be from Mumbai or not from Mumbai, I am sure you will enjoy this series.

Once you are at Gamdevi area in Grant Road, and you enter this quiet little lane called Lamburnum Road. Tucked between old residential buildings, you will notice Mani Bhavan. This place has witnessed Gandhiji living there are making some of his important political decisions for India’s freedom and its people. The gate of Mani Bhavan has a charkha.

There are old oak and banyan trees that have been witness to the historical moments of Gandhiji. This bunglow, which was originally owned by Revashankar Jagjeevan Jhaveri, who was also Gandhiji’s dear friend, would often host Gandhiji in Mumbai. The bunglow was gifted to Gandhiji for freedom work. Post Gandhiji’s life, this bunglow has become a memorabilia of Gandhiji’s life and work at Mani Bhavan.

A tour to Mani Bhavan retold the stories from my history text book that I had read as a child.

Virtual tour:

Entrance of Mani Bhavan

Big manequin


Library with books which were actually held and read by Gandhiji during his stay. Isn’t that a rare sight!

Photos of Gandhiji

His room where he spun cotton on charkha and wrote and thought

My friends getting all curios about the Indian history

In the balcony where he would have stood thinking!




Things to do in monsoon

Monsoon! Beautiful wheather, cool breeze, droplets on face, jump in poodle, hot chai with pakoda, cozy blanket, intriguing book to read and endless lazing time. Some of the emotions that surfaces at the instant when we think of monsoon. Its by far the best season for me, untill its Monday and I have to go to work. lol.

So with weekends coming up, lets do a round up of things to do in monsoon:

1. Long drive

Long drives are essential in monsoon. When it showers, I like to take an early morning drive to Marine Drive. Its one of the most beautiful place in Mumbai. And what better when it rains. My mind and heart gets filled with multiple emotions and thoughts. Sometimes artistic, romantic, thoughful, deep, blank. And marine drive is just a place to be!

2. Take short vacation but in multiple doses

Take a short weekend trip to nearby places and stay put with your friend/ family or just yourself. I like to take a stay at Bohemiyan Blue, located in Alibaug. Its a quick short ride of 3-4 hours and you are in mini vacation heaven. Lounge at the cafe and eat yummy hummus platter and sip on cocktail while lazing on hammock. Its a good place to bring in your boho vibe and get some guitar if you are into it. Or like me, just carry some books and comfort clothes for read and sleep marathon.

3. Pick a new/ old hobby

I find monsoon very rhythmic in nature. It helps me pick something new or old. Hobbies for me comes as season. So when i am pursuing a hobby, I’ll keep doing it. And then after a point find something new. Rain brings the freshness in air and mind to completely start something new or pick something already tried that I love. This one time I picked up craft work. This season I am into sewing. You might get poetic and feel an itch to scribble.

Stare game with the trees in the woods


Quick trip to Delhi

Breath taking view of Humayun’s Tomb

While there are many things on my must do list in Delhi, I highly recommend attending a wedding in Delhi. Its a-mazing. The energy, colors, ceremonies, madness and parties are highly recommended for anybody who likes to be high on life. I recently had one such opportunity, and I had gala time. But this post is totally about what you were expecting – things to do while in Delhi.

Being in Delhi is a different feeling altogether. Its a mix of culture, tradition, old roads, old bazaars, heritage monuments blending with big lanes, high end stores, and huge ‘kothis’. I recently did a trip to Delhi and had a beautiful day to spend there. And I did what any art lover would do, open the map (ahem phone map) and just stretched my hand to hire rickshaw to take me places.

Being at historical places, is like being in candy land for me. Beautiful edifice that has been constructed for eternity. But to complete the crazy historical journey in one and half day I had to pick and choose places to visit. Here’s my list:

1. Humayun’s Tomb: This is a edifice that was built for burial of the Indian Mughal Emporer Humayun after his death in 1572 AD is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The complex encompasses the main tomb of the Emperor Humayun, which houses the graves of his wife, son, and also his great-great-grandson as well as numerous other subsequent Mughals. The complex also has beautiful gardens that are perfect place to bask in light sun. I would love to cherish some mangoes and goose while marveling at this beauty. Note-if you are a history lover, hire a guide as the stories about the place are worth listening to.

2. Red Fort: The magnificent fort was once a residence for an Indian Mughal ruler which also served as capital for the Mughal empire in India. Fort, built in 1648, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Red Fort Delhi is a mesmerizing piece of architecture, lying on the banks of Yamuna River, whose water was used for the moat that surround the wall. Every independence day, the Prime minister of the country hoist the national flag at the Red Fort and the national parade is performed.

3. Jama Masjid: The name literally translates to ‘the world reflecting mosque’ and it indeed it reflects a world in itself. Any day a tour to Jama Masjid will make you witness thousands of people from different parts of world. Its a huge mosque with capacity to accomodate nearly 25,000 people in its courtyard itself. The brilliant use of red sandstones and white marbles in the entire masjid’ s architecture and generous spread of floral motifs, wines and inlay work makes it very attractive. It also reminds of the regal time of Mughal dynasty while they ruled in India. This mosque is also very similar to Jama Masjid mosque in Agra.

4. India Gate: The India Gate was part of the work of the Imperial War Graves Commission (IWGC), which came into existence in December 1917 for building war graves and memorials to soldiers killed in the First World War. Under the India Gate ‘Amar Jyot Jawan’, which literally means immortal flame of soldiers, is erected with four urns on side.

5. Rashtrapati Bhavan (President’s House): This is an iconic structure located on ‘Rajpath’, which is one of the most filmed road in the capital city. The Rajpath is a wide long road with India Gate standing tall at one end and Rashtrapati Bhavan on the other. So carry your high resolution camera to capture the other monument from one at a distance of 4 kms. Rashtrapati Bhavan is India’s President’s House spread across 320 acres with 340 rooms in it. Mighty right! The awesome thing visitors are allowed to the see some parts of the House and the Mughal garden. However, one needs to apply for it in advance. This is something I found out much late in my tour. But make sure you read their guidelines carefully and don’t miss it.

6. Lotus temple: This is Bahai’s house of worship located in Delhi, being one of the eight such houses around the world (9th in Turkmenistan has been destroyed). The temple is a true piece of art as the structure has been built in shape of a lotus with 27 free-standing marble-clad “petals” arranged in clusters of three to form nine sides. About 2,500 people can sit and pray inside this lotus at the same time. It has beautiful landscaping around the temple and nice place to relax and soak up the day.

7. Akshardham (Swaminarayan temple): I always make a point to visit Swaminarayan Temples wherever they are for they, I believe, are the only temples to be constructed in most recent century but has art and architecture detailing that was done centuries ago in India. And Akshardham is no exception to that. Brilliant structure and unique detailing signified from Indian mythology. The material used in the structure is so logical. For example, brown stone is layed out as flooring outside the temple with motifs made of white stones. However, apart from the artistic approach of colors, the white stones are good to walk on during the crazy summers as they absorb less heat. Apart from the structure, the story narrated about Shri Swaminarayan is really something to ponder upon.

There are many places in this city worth visiting and I am sure I will be blessed with many opportunities to visit this place again and again.

Lets take a visual tour together of my trip:

Enjoying blissfulness

Me looking petite at one of the four gates of Humayun’s Tomb spread out in four directions 

Nai-ka Tomb which literally means barber’s tomb. Notice little blue cap on right is part of restoration work going on at the moment. Waiting to see this place restored in all its glory. I will come soon.

Octagonal shaped Isa Khan’s Tomb surrounded by beautiful octagonal shaped garden

Peeking in the glorious past

Indian flag hoisted on Red Fort

Majestic walls of Red Fort with moat around it

Sun set view from Jama Masjid

While we spent time at Jama Masjid experience the glory of past

Standing tall – India Gate

India Gate canopy lit up at night

Grandeur President’s home

India Gate’s view when standing outside President’s home with a distance of 4km in between

India’s Prime Miniter’s office #namo

Beautiful structures and skylines

Akshardham in its complete glory

Marvelous work of architecture at Lotus Temple

One of the lotus petal facades

Green gardens spread around Lotus temple

The food out here is so orgasmic that it deserves a dedicated post and if you are in Delhi there are few must visit places for shopoholics. So watch this space for more.


Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

Entrance of the cafe

This is a new section that I have been meaning to start, for a simple reason – my love for cafes. There is something so soothing and so comfy about cafes. Cafes can be romantic and can be so solitary. Cafes can be place to laze and place to amaze. Cafes can be a place to take break and can be a place to work. Cafes can be a place to bump into new people and can be a place to meet old friends. Cafes can be a place to have hear-felt discussions and can be a place to break commotions. Cafes can be a place to try new pies and can be a place to savor all time favorite pies. Cafes can be a place to just sit and write your heart out and can be a place to shut up and listen your mind out.

About the cafe:

Bohemyan Blue cafe has a soothing feeling as its been built inside the bungalow with the proud owners living on the 1st floor of the property. The entrance welcomes with lovely clay toads and pots and lots of greenery around. The property is surrounded by big trees providing natural shade and comfort. I did spot some DIY around – they have antique sewing machine converted into table to dine upon. One thing that I found here in abundance, apart from trees, warmth and happy staff smiles, were hammocks. I mean literally they are everywhere, giving a complete “susegat” vibe.

Bohemyan Blue houses a cafe, a shop and a stay. They have “villas”, which are about two minutes walking distance from the cafe. The villas are basically the luxury tents with loads of greenery around. The entire place stands true to its name – Bohemian. You will site lots of cotton fabrics with Indian motifs spread around either as table runners or as bed sheets or as curtains or as mere decor. Giving the homely feeling to the entire space. One of the draws in the villas is the open air bathroom, its like bathing with nature.

The food has a good blend of Indian spices with fusion recipes. My most favorite was raw papaya with carrot salad which was tossed with sesame oil and roasted peanuts – the flavors were infusing my mind and heart. I also tried some Thai curry with rice, lemonade and home made malai kulfi.

Their story:

The cafe is the owners house which has been converted into a cafe and shop. From my brief interaction with one of the owner I got to know that the cafe was his wife’s dream. Mr. Albert mentioned to me that about 25 years ago his wife, who I gathered is an artist, had told him that she would like to start her own cafe. And here they were fulfilling that dream together. It was really touching.


Virtual tour of the cafe:

Front side of the bungalow. Notice the little clay toads adorned on the roof

Entry way to shop with some cafe tables outside

Cafe set up in soothing pergola at the back of the bungalow

Villa for stay. Lovely combination of cotton sheets and straw thatched roof making it all cozy from sun.

Lovely rocking chair made in their wood-shop. Yes, they make most of their furniture.

Villas and cottages for stay

Another cafe near the villas. What a lovely touch of marigold flowers.

Cute shop which is filled with lovely cotton clothes, hats, breezy dresses, artifacts, umbrellas, candle stands, etc.

There are pretty flowers almost everywhere. Feels so welcoming.

Do you know of such unique cafes’ that you think I should visit? Please do tell me.


Basic Hyderabadi phrases


I love travelling to places without too many bookings. It allows me to make choices on spot. Translates into freedom. But there are some things i also like to prepare for and go. Specially when the new land has a new language.

Learning some key phrases comes in very handy while communicating with locals, shop-owners, asking for direction, etc.

Here is a lovely little video created by Ixigo if you travelling to Hyderabad.

Learn and Enjoy!

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Disconnect to Connect – Wildernest

Wildernest - Disconnect to Connect

I recently took a trip to a quiet place up in hills of Goa. (Yes, there is more to Goa, apart from the beeches.) The trip was all about spending some quiet time with loved one. After doing some research on various sites and blogs, we happen to spot these beautiful cottages on Agoda to spend a weekend away from the city hustle. We had never heard of the place but we decided to go with the gut.

How to reach here: We did a train journey from Mumbai to Goa and hired a cab guy to take us to the cottages, located about 48 kms from Panjim, Goa. However, the resort does have pickup service with extra charge.

When we reached there we were welcomed by quiet air, old trees, chirping birds and humble people. Beautiful landscaping made me immediately jump to photographing the place. (You will see that how i went crazy, below.)

Fun fact: While you journey in facility jeep from the main entrance to the cottages, you gotta cross a state border – the Goa-Karnataka border.

Cottages. Lets me describe in one line for you – its a crazy dream come true of living in glass wall cottage surrounded by jungle trees. It gushes romance from every corner of the cottage. There’s a huge bed for rolling over and spend weekend just cuddling with back wall, front wall and a side wall of only glass, of-course they have curtains.

One of the best things about Wildernest is that they are eco-friendly and they display it all the way. So no bottled water but we got to enjoy the fresh spring water, no storage food but gourmet meal cooked from fresh local grown which were delicious and made my pallets go bananas, and no tissues or plastic bags anywhere.

The cottage has tones of activities to do. We enjoyed the jungle safari and jungle trek to catch the rare sight of wild animals, we did morning bird watching while they basked in sun, enjoyed dance performance in evening put up by local village people, and definitely lazing on hammock was an attractive activity that we did there. However, taking a dip in infinity pool while sipping to yummy cocktail and starring endlessly in the valley view just made it a memorable trip.

The place has so much to offer, but what attracted me most was – there were no phone signals. That means you don’t end-up checking on social media notifications and feel guilty of cheating on the quality ‘us’ time. We spent each moment wakeful, live, fresh, and filled with satisfaction. This definitely goes in my list of ‘Places I would love to visit again’.

A little photo essay for visual satisfaction. But don’t stop here. Just book it and experience it.

Enter here for serene time

Enter here for serene time

The valley view

The valley view

Indian decor of fresh floating flowers and rangoli

Indian decor of fresh floating flowers and rangoli

Meal with a view

Breakfast with a view

Fresh grown in gourmet meal

Fresh grown in gourmet meal

Million bucks view from the Infinity pool

In my best DIY pool robe. Tip: Its a long tie-die scraf knotted across neck :P

In my best DIY pool robe. Tip: Its a long tie-die scarf knotted across neck

Pool cuddle time

Starring game with the trees in the woods

Starring game with the trees in the woods

May all afternoons be like this

May all afternoons be like this

The coolest bar - i am so digging the wood stump stools and thatched roof

The coolest bar – i am so digging the wood stump stools and thatched roof

Trek with a view

Trek with a view

Some more food. PS. their Solkadi is to die for

Some more food. PS. their Solkadi is to die for

Safari time with him

Safari time with him