2happysouls blog is about the journey of 2 happy souls in search of bliss. We have are a couple married for about 2 years who are discovering life together.

Happy soul Khushbu: I am an ex-corporate girl who recently found out that working for an NGO is so much more rewarding. Through this blog I am trying to share my travel stories which I hope will help people in making their experiences rich and memorable.

Happy soul Akhil: With a full time job as a researcher in finance, I look forward to travel more often to not just take a break but learn from nature and surrounding. Apart from my job and travel, I love photographing my wife, just as much she loves posing. This blog is our way of capturing our memories forever.

PS.: We aren’t professional photographer or editor. So most of our pictures are simple and barely edited. We like to show the world as we see them in person.

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