Year of 2018

Like every year end, 2017 ended with fun, friends and food. Followed by guilt and self question on where am I on the goals set for myself.

Today morning, while doing my weekend-random-facebook-scrolling-ritual, I bumped onto this amazing video by John Assaraf. In this video he very well states the problem of setting goals and not following them. And also how people just dont end up achieving them because they aren’t ‘committed’ to them. (we all know we gave reasons and a ton of them)

In the video John asks to list down the goals, the timelines and 3 things required to achieve that goal. And i think its a fabulous way to be committed. However, in the long run, i have come to detest big goals with no pathway. I have realised that goals need to have clear breakdown of month by month and day by day. I immediately got down to designing my own calendar for the year for 2018. Wherein on each day I can plan what i want to and track it with a simple check-box next to it. I am going to put this calendar to try for myself. So here I am sharing the calendar design for free for all guys who wish to use it – Goal Calendar 2018. I am sharing the excel file for you guys to create your very own customised goals calendar.

If you do download and use the 2happysouls calendar, please do let us know how did you use the calendar? Did you achieve anything with its usage? If you made any of your own little change which is effective in usage/ measurement? Or if you have a completely different way of tracking and measuring your goals, we would love to know.

Lets get the 2018 started on a freaking awesome note!


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