5 Books to read in travel time

source: unknown

Christmas is around and so are holiday & travel plans. Travel plans completely de-stresses me and fills me up with lot of comforting experiences and good memories. Its like earthen pot from which you empty the old water, rinse it and fill it up with fresh new water.

And which travel plan can be complete without a book. None. I completely love the idea of stimulating my mind with some specific varieties of books. I do not force myself with current best books as the world of books started way before I was born. So there is lot of catch up to do for me anyway.

Autobiographies: I love digging deep into autobiographies of people i look up to. The de-stressed mind and serene views (which I like to surround myself generally when i am travelling) helps me visualise their stories and experiences better. I could totally be sitting in a bus crossing beautiful forests or mountains while eating the delicacies served in the biographies and actually ponder of how their life would have actually looked like for them.

The autobiography of Lee Iacocca is one of my all time favorite. Buy it here!

Motivational: This section is classified as self-help as well but I prefer sticking to the motivational kinds. I love reading motivational books about people, experiences & stories. The kind of books generally makes me reflect on life.

Recent best motivational book I read was “When breath becomes air” by Paul Kalanithi. Buy it here!

Drama: And who doesn’t love a little bit of drama in life. Whether its through book or through theater. And such books generally get me times on different thought tangent. Remember the time when we all read Eat Pray Love and got into thinking of this life and how we stop ourselves from free from our past. Which even at the point when I read, I didn’t understand quiet well. It took me some time to get around it. Buy it here!

Poem: I am not very poetic person but its a good idea to have them handy especially while travelling. The poem lets you put color of words while enjoying scenic view. I recently came across a new poet, Mausam Pandya, who has put together her compilation of poems. Buy it here!

Adventure: Adventure books actually make me want to jump out of my seat and get going. And Tin-Tin series can just do that. It makes me want to travel to Morocco or Libya or Tunisia and probably get into a whirl wind of such adventures. Btw there is a wiki page on list of locations mentioned in Tin-Tin books. Buy it here!

I would love to know your favorite travel books.



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