Paro Penelop Dawa Penjor Heritage Farmhouse, Paro

While we were planning for the stay options in Paro, we had very limited choices due to the Paro Tshechu festival. Most of the stays were booked, including the expensive one as Taj. We had already booked our flight tickets, which meant we really had to hunt for a stay else be ready to camp out (quiet an intriguing option but nights can be brutal unless you have proper warming things).

After a strong pursuit over sites such as airbnb & all other booking sites, we started going through the list of hotels listed on various Bhutan tourism site. And finally we found this homestay who also had rooms available. Bingo! It was a small moment of rejoice as we almost started thinking of cancelling trip.

The reviews on their facebook page of the homestay really got us inpressed. The booking is done by one of the son – Jigme Dorji – of the 8 children in the family and mainly the homestay is serviced by his sister, mother and a brother. Did i mention that the family also lives in the same house which really added the dash of local flavor in the entire experience.

The homestay is a ground + 2 storey home with beautiful view of their own farm at the back. They grow their fruits & vegetables in this farm, organically. My widow opened to apple & pear tree and beautiful sunflowers blooming in the morning. Its a great place to enjoy the trip whether you choose cuddling in the blanket or basking in morning sun while strolling around. I am usually an early riser and when I am travelling, i am usually up at 5 am to catch the morning light.

There are some negative of this homestay –

The mother served us local dishes topped with lots of love and butter. We ate Ema Datshi – which literally means chilly & cheese and it was just mind blowing. We tried some Kewa Datshi (potato), chicken maru, beef maru of the many many things. The food was shared with the family in their traditional dinning room while we talked about Bhutan’s history, religion, & culture.  There were elaborate talks on military, food, rituals and tradition & their love & respect for India. It was intriguing to know about family’s history and the interesting stories of Jigme’s grandfather who was a Penelop in Paro – loosely translated as the adviser to the king.

The experience at the homestay made me pen down specifically about this homestay. This just happened to us and it was lovely indeed!

Read my detailed travel guide on Paro and read the cover post for Bhutan to know about overall cost, etc.

Detailed travel guides on Punakha & Thimphu coming soon.

A visual trip in the homestay:

Apple picking

The red luscious juicy apples

The blooms in the farm

View from my room

Traditional breakfast enjoyed with some butter tea

The traditional dinning room

Beautiful pear tree in full bloom

‘Kaka’ (The cat at the homestay) basking in the sun

This was one biiig door

The family & us with Jigme on extreme right


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